What should I do when she wants to take it slowly?

I met a girl about 9 months ago. After the first 3 months, I started to like her and confessed on Valentine's Day. She said that she wanted how things went before a serious relationship. She assured, :" what will be will be?" At first, I agreed to it. During the next six months, we had many fun time with each other like hanging out and texting very late at night... therefore, I asked her again about relationship status. However, she still wants the same thing, which is TAKING THINGS SLOWLY,. She tells me not to worry too much about anything because she thinks:" what will be will be!" And she wants to make sure that this relationship won't fail again. She wants to start out as friends and sees how the relationship develops into... She feels that it's developing, and she values this relationship very much... The reason why she wants me to wait is because she doesn't want to get hurt again after the first love fail... I don't know what to do now... I ask people around, and they all say that she is just taking you for granted, and I should move on... Also, I asked her best friend, and her bestie also says that we are just friends for right now... What makes me go crazy is that I can feel the love in her eyes and the way she looks at me which is very unique. She also shows signs of interest by touching in a cute way whenever I pretend not to look at her. She tends to care about me whenever I have something not good. On the other hand, she sometimes wants to spend time with me, and sometimes she doesn't... I am an honest person, so I ask her directly whether she just takes me for granted... She answers :" If I want to take it for granted, I ditch You a long time ago." Moreover, I say that I can wait, but she tells that I don't need to. I do mention about moving on to her; her face expression shows that she doesn't want to lose me at all... What should I do now? Should I wait or move on? Does she really want me to take it to the next level or just friends?


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  • She does sound interested., she wants to take it slow and honestly that's the best route to go though it doesn't seem that way right now. Don't give up on her!


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  • Dude I feel you on this but the best thing to do is take a deep breath and just be calm. Ask yourself do you want the title of a relationship or do you want a relationship. From the sound of it you've definitely found a place in her heart. Most guu want to steal manipulate or trick girl out of they're heart but you got a place in it so you got the best deal. Dont try to force her hand because it'll push her away. You put a lot of work in so don't give it up just because you want to hear her say its a relationship. Sounds like you have what you want let her call it what she wants. Besides she's a girl so after you stop asking about it she'll define it. Enjoy the moments be patient and go with it and tell her whatever she want you respect it. Just like you don't want to put a bunch of effort for nothing and start over neither does she. She wants to you're in for the long haul. If you just be patient you'll have her for life. Again don't worry about titles as long as you have what you want you got it.


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