Am I doing something wrong?

So my ex was an a**, and he was dating other girls behind my back and talking to other girls, while telling me that I was the one, lying about his whereabouts, lying about himself etc. And in the end I broke up with him, even though I didn't have proofs at that time, but 6 months after I broke up with him, I discovered from a friend, that he had texted her in a inappropriate way. He knows that we are friends. He chased me for 6 monrths after our break-up to get me to get back together, but stopped.

Now I'm with another guy, and I've discovered that he lies when he's out with his girl friends (they have bf's, so it's not like there could be something), and he lies about his whereabouts. I don't think it's as severe as my ex, but I'm sick and tired of it.

I reached out for my ex initially, and my current boyfriend reached out for me. I'm starting to think that love is hopeless for me. I either attract the "worst kinda bf's" or I'm seriously doing something wrong. Any advice?


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  • oh well... better not deal with him anymore since u found out he;s a liar...

    by the way, is yer current guy a liar as well?

    • Yeah, he tells me he out with work instead of his friends, because he knows that I will be pissed when he's out with his female friends just as he will get pissed if I go out with my male friend. But not as severe as my ex, that guy lied about everything from losing his job to his grade etc.

    • hmmm... if he's lyin often... i'm afraid he'll end up being another X as well :-/

    • damn :(

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  • There are good guys out there. I think you just go for the wrong kind of guys. I've seldom had a problem with guys flirting with other girls or lying to me. Unfortunately though it does require patience cause those kinda guys are hard to find.

    • But what do I do now. I'm currently pissed at him for lying to me. He told me he was at work that evening, when he was really with some of his female friends celebrating one of them. I found out, told him that I don't feel like talking. I only text him, when he texts, don't fell like it. We had arranged that we were suppose to get engaged next week :(

    • Someone who lies to you blatantly has no respect for you. Why be with someone who doesn't respect you enough to be honest with you?

    • my head is confused :(

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  • You have to kiss a few frogs until you find a prince.


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