I'm constantly getting huge crushes and falling head over heels. Is this something girls want to hear or should I keep it to myself?

A couple times a year a girl will stand out. I will be automatically attracted to her. It will be her personality the way she talks and the she carries herself that makes me so drawn to her. Is this something a girl wants to hear? Or should i Keep it to myself. Does it depend on how attractive the guy is either physically or personality? Do most girls have a way they want to be approached or can I be direct and just say I find them attractive because of a, b, c, and d then ask them to dinner or something?


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  • Just don't go all lovey dovey invincible mode on them when you approach them,
    I sometimes see girls like that now and again, but learn to control your emotions...

    Girls will get creeped out if you come on too hard, but also don't lose all those feels bruh...
    Just play it cool calm and collected

    • Yeah I know I have to Share it slowly. Otherwise I'd come off as crazy lol 😆

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  • Keep it to yourself. It sounds a bit juvenile.

    • Ok I thought so. I look for things to admire in people but I'll keep it to myself

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