Torn between hot new girl and old flame to make matters worse there friends?

so things have got really weird in just a matter of a couple weeks , i meet the first girl a couple years ago but we've never like actually dated or had sex but she was someone i talked to and spent time with and i felt she was interested in me so i was always rather confused when things didn't go anywhere.
but a couple weeks ago i meet this new girl at pub i hadn't seen before and hadn't seen her with other girl so i didn't know they were close. but she became attracted to me and i was attracted to her rate away , but other girl saw this and was jealous and all annoyed at me. and seen them a couple times since and both times were same type of akwardness

so to try and explain i have a thing for new girl and original girl as there both descent good looking girls , both appear to be interested in me and jealous i like the other but seem to get along with each other , however first girl much more jealous than new girl over this. so things getting really confusing , any thoughs? is it possible to date one and be friends with the other? or just casually spend time with them both but not get serious with either just like a friends with benefits thing maybe


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  • Always go with the new.

    • i know the new girl seems so interesting and appealing at the moment however I still had a thing for other girl and can be really into her at times

    • At times isn't all the time. There clearly isn't enough there.

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  • if i was u... i'd try 2 4get both of em... coz i don't wanna make those 2 girls start fightin with each other :-)


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