The girl of my dreams is coming to visit LA with her friends?

She's a family friend... I've known her for a little over a year now and she's very closed off but we text somewhat regularly and the last we talked on the phone she asked if I had a girlfriend and told me she didn't have a boyfriend and said we should videochat next time instead of talk. Anyway, now she's coming to la to look at ucla with her friends (she's 19... she's been at CC so no she's not just graduated high school) She asked if she will be able to see me. What is a good way to get something started with her? She only lives in san francisco and I'd like to at least have sex with her (not neccessarily this trip) even if we end up not having the chemistry for a relationship.

What's a non awkward way of coming on to her even though we're family friends and there's a slight possibility that she could just see me as family (but not likely.)


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  • Go on a date.


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