How can I choose between the guy I love and the guy loves me?

There's a guy I like a lot, he said he also liked me, but he doesn't care about me that much, so I always initiate conversation, always date him, and this makes me so tired and upset; and another guy, he is crazy on me, he cares about me and always thinks of me, he is a nice guy but I don't feel crush on him.. guys and girls, what should I choose between them?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • listen dear
    it is not imp that the person will love u back whom u love
    but it is for sure that if u will be wid the guy who loves u then u will be happy

    yes there is possibility that the guy also may hurt whom u love
    but for sure the guy loves u will never try to hurt u

    so there will be one matter sure and clear that
    the guys who loves u
    will always be with u
    yes there is guarantee that that guy will always solve all the problems of urs
    but he will always be wid u &
    never let u to face anything alone
    and will always give u the time and priority u always deserve
    also will care for u

    Best of luck and please choose the one who loves u
    later on ur heart will also fall for him
    and u will start to love him too
    because of his efforts and care

    Enjoy and best wishes
    have a nice time

    • thank u so much honey, but atm I so much miss the guy I love. He lives 30km away from me, I asked him to pick me up but he said tonight he can't coz they will have a boy's night; the guy lives 50km away from me, he wants to see me but I lied to him that I'm not home tonight.. I know I should choose the guy loves me, but now I really want to see the guy I love...

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd say neither because guy 1 doesn't like you and guy 2 you have to have the same feelings for... unless you do?

    • I may.. I only saw him once, but he is really crushing on me while i don't; but the 1st guy I like so much now, and i'm really not considering the 2nd and really thinking how to make the 1st guy like me more.. he liked me a lot at the beginning, now he still likes me but I somehow feel that he is not as interesting as before so i'm very sad...

    • You can't make someone like you. If guy 1 isn't interested then move on. However, don't go to guy 2 unless you are fo sho!

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What Guys Said 2

  • i'd choose #2 if i was u... i'd not like 2 hurt his feelings... :-/

  • choose neither and move on.


What Girls Said 4

  • Neither. #1 isn't worth your time, #2... no attraction. If I had to pick, I'd choose #2 because attraction can grow over time.

  • You chose the guy you love. Don't lead anyone on. If he won't leave you alone threaten to call his mom.

  • Follow your heart, dear.

    • choose 1st? I always choose the one I love more so I'm always upset, and now i feel bored..

  • U will love the guy who likes u more evrntually

    • maybe, but at this moment I miss the first guy a lot. I don't know if he is really busy or not, anyway we live 30km away.. do you have the same experience? did you begin to love the guy who loves you more?

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    • but u said finally you began to love the 2nd?

    • I didn't love him so it didn't work for me. Guess you should just leave both 🙀 I was wrong sorry

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