Women keep flaking out on me?

Every time I make plans with a woman I get flaked on. I'd rather them just tell me they were disinterested than waste my time and get my hopes up.

I had made plans for a woman to come over to my place yesterday, she seemed genuinely excited when I asked her over and even suggested that I should clean off my pool table so she could see if I was as good as I say I am. I moved things around and got the pool table ready and of course I haven't seen or heard from her. I texted her and left a voicemail but nothing.

It wouldn't bother me as much if it wasn't the third woman in a row to flake on me. I had dinner plans with the first one, she cancelled and avoided future attempts to make plans. I had plans with the second one and she blew me off, then blew me off again when I asked her out again a few months later.

I'll admit that the second one didn't surprise me that much but the most recent woman was made it extremely obvious that she was into me and the first woman actually BEGGED me to go out with her. So what the hell? This is starting to get really hurtful.


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  • Could be something about the way you talk or act toward them between asking them out and getting together. Something is creeping them out or making them change their minds.

    • I've generally just given them their space between asking them out and hanging out.

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    • Well then I'm outta explanations other than you've got shit luck with women. Sorry!

    • I do :'(

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  • I think you just have bad luck.


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