Is this a good way to ask a girl out?

i recently asked her on Tuesday to go hang at the beach and she told me "im busy rn later" apparently she had plans to go smoke with her friends, i think she likes me or has like a physical attraction to me or something. but i was gonna try again exxpect i was gonna text her and tell her not to make plans on a certain day and if she asks why i was gonna call her and tell her were going on a date im gonna come pick her up and if she's down.


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  • Well, you could buttttt a better way to get her out would be to simply say "what does your schedule look like this week" (ask this on a Sunday so that you're not asking on Friday , if she can go out for Saturday). We forget sometimes that just because we're free, doesn't mean they are. If she says she's busy every single day of the week, she ain't interested, but if she says something like "I'm free Thursday at such and such" then there you go. You then say, I was going to go to such and such at such and such and thought maybe you could come along because I think you would enjoy it. Something along those lines. You want to make her know that you're not only letting her know you're thinking about her schedule ahead of time but that you're also telling her why you think she should go out with you. TAKE CHARGE!

    • this is true haha can i pm u on this?

    • Give me your username. I'd rather not go unanonymous

    • oldboyjon

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  • y don't u suggest her wot she wants then? i think it'd be better that way :-)

  • i think it's a good way to cut through the bullshit. if she does like you, she'll be down. if she doesn't go with you, you'll know not to waste any more time on her.

    • thats kinda what im going for, i can't tell if she likes me or not

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