I wanna date with a guy loves me a lot but I don't love him that much?

For the past two years I was dating with a guy who I love too much. He also loved me and we may still in love, but we broke up a month ago. I felt so tired cuz I always think of him, always do everything for him.

Now there's a guy having a crush on me. Though he's not my type, he is nice and really nice to me. I want to date with him now. I think that maybe easier for me, and maybe I will love him more, and feel happier?


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  • Don't go straight into dating. Take things slow and just be really good friends, best friends even. Find out who he truly is on the inside and not just how he acts in a generalistic perspective.

    You will then feel as if you want to give him a chance or not once you get to know him better and you can take it from there without sweat.

    Do not use him as a rebound relationship and break his heart if you plan to go back with the other guy. Just be 100% truthful in everything and just be yourself.

    • I'm not planning to go back to my boy, we can't go back anymore.. I'm really thinking if I could develop "love" for that new guy, cos I think it maybe easier for me to find somebody loves me instead of I love him?

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  • If he's not your type. It might just be a rebound thing.

    • But I decide to love him, maybe it will help

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    • Well then go on and try. But I have my opinion. I wish you well😊

    • thank you dear, I really wish you everything goes good as well!

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  • give him a chance then... i believe u might develop feelings toards him l8r :-)

  • Nah, if you're not attracted to him, you can't force the attraction. Try another man completely. One who you're attracted to AND get along with

    • i think i can develop my feelings for him.. it's almost impossible to find someone you love him or he loves you equally, either i love him more or he loves me more. I always followed my heart and find someone I loves more, and this made me su tired. I think it's better to find somebody that loves me more..

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    • sweetie, listen to me, if you find a partner who loves you more, you will feel easier

    • You're annoying

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