Girls, how long does it take for you to get over an ex?

For example, a girl I know met a guy in her freshman year of high school. Soon, she developed a serious crush on him. Eventually, they got together and were happily together for two years, until the summer after graduation. At that point, he broke up with her. Coming out of a situation like that, how long would you say it would take most women to be ready to date again?


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  • Like everyone has been saying, it really depends on the situation. Two years is a pretty good amount of time to date someone, but then again- it depends on how serious they both took the relationship. My best friend dated a guy for about 5 months and she was honestly convinced she was going to marry him until he broke up with her. They broke up 2 years ago and it took her a good year to get over him.

    Even now, she still talks about him, but not in a way where she would get back together with him. They ended their relationship on a bad note- so that too plays a part. Another one of my friends broke up with her boyfriend of three years and within 4 months she was dating someone else. Who she is still with 3 years later. So, it depends on the situation. :)


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  • I agree, it depends on the person and how invested they were in the relationship. Sometimes women can find a rebound guy but that doesn't mean it's going to last. I'm still not over my ex and we broke up in January. She just has to go through the motions before she can get involved with anyone else. She has to be completely moved on or it won't work. Some ways to help her is to get involved in activities, keep herself busy, and see that there is so much life out there.

  • yes I totally agree with her. mine took me a year to get over(considering that I really loved him , we went out for 3 months). now I can't stand him.and I can't care as much anymore. , because I know who I am, and I know what he has done, he hurt me, I won't accept that.

  • Depending on how serious I was with a guy I usually try to give myself at least a 3 to 6 month cooling off period. I call it finding ''me'' again.

    Sometimes when your with someone you forget who you are. What you stood for and to ensure I don't forget. I take a semi vay k. Everyone is different so depending on how long you were with a person and how much your were invested. That's how long it will take for you 2 move on.


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