Should I text him and go?

Hi there I really like this guy at work, I'm pretty sure he likes me too:) However most people say he`s just a player and looking for one thing off me, "sex". I'm 17 years old and well he is a little older 7 years to be exact, he is extremely attractive so its no wonder he gets a lot of girls! Anyway he said there was going to be a works night out and that he would give me details about it so he gave me his mobile number, he was gonna get mine but something happened so I ended up with his instead. Should I text him and go? Or is it a terrible idea considering there will be lots of drink involved and I'm scared he'll use me!


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  • I don't think you should go. If he is that much interested in you, let him make a move and you should play hard to get since you are much younger and you need to find out for sure if he likes you or not. Until then let him do all the work.

    Also you calling him now and going where he is, especially where drinking is involved would hurt you, even if his feelings are not bad, drinking may change things. Don't risk it.


What Girls Said 1

  • I agree with the guy's response. If you think he is interested in you do not risk going alone with him anywhere. Maybe try a group thing with a bunch of co-workers from work then try to get to know him a bit more. I am wary to why a guy who is 24 would want to go for a girl who is 17. Only think that comes to mind is easy sex. Be careful and be cautious.

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