Dating a guys for 4 months?

So I was dating a guy for like 4 months and out of no where he just stops calling, texting. And no communication. Was it me or him? Help me understand.


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  • He is probably on to the next unsuspecting girl or dead. One generally doesn't cut off someone without an explanation.

    • Thanks for a worthy response. :-).
      Do you ever feel that ignoring is more hurtful than talking to a person to let them know?

    • Ignoring is definitely more hurtful and cowardly.

    • Better to know now instead of later!

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  • He just didn't have the balls to break up with you like a normal person. It may have been something you did, but if he wasn't a pussy he would have told you what it was and you could fixed the problem. I did that to a girl one time in the past and I regret it because it really hurt her, I know because I talked to her a few years later and she was really broken up about it, I will definitely never do it again.

  • Flakes are everywhere... That's unfortunate, but you'll be ok and he will eventually get what he deserves.

    Being a douche is never "ok" for men or women!

  • It was u! I dont know what u did but it was u

    • Wow.

    • Well if things were great or even so so wouldn't he have at least called, texted? But there could be one explanation was he like a badboy type? If yes maybe he got locked up. Have u gone by his place? Have u seen him at work

    • He wasn't a bad boy. He worked for a County Sheriff's dept

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