Boyfriend cheating on me?

Okay so I met this guy on tinder and we actually got into a relationship. We've been dating for 6 months and have always agreed that cheating is actually ridiculous. So he recently broke up with me on Tuesday out of nowhere and it was so odd because we weren't even in a fight and it was done on good terms and he explained why he thought it wouldn't work out. I left heartbroken at 2 am and the next day around 1 pm he begged to get back together. I was extremely skeptical and always told myself I wouldn't be the girl who breaks up and gets back together with someone a million times because that just screws with my head. He explained how he was feeling and I decided to forgive him- after all I do really like this guy. I just snooped through his phone though and found that he was texting this girl from tinder and they had met up on Saturday (recall he broke up with me Tuesday) I then went through his texts with his best friend and his friend asked him how it was and if they had sex, his response was "good she slept over, no I couldn't get my dick hard I drank too much" Do I text the girl and ask her if they hooked up otherwise- like making out? I saved her phone number on my phone. I don't want to tell him I went through his phone but I can't deal with this. I feel so much hatred and disgust towards him it's crazy. I just want to know if I should be breaking up with him or if he didn't even do anything with her. It would make sense if that's why he broke up with me but why on earth would he want to get back together. Please help :'(


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  • He basically just said he would've if he could have gotten hard. Why else do you think he would have a girl sleep over. Don't be one of the dumb girls that don't know when to leave. People don't change. Sure a person can put a mask on to trick people around them, but eventually everyone has to take that mask off to breath.

    • Do I break up with him without giving him a reason?

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    • Do you guys think I should text the girl first or just assume the worst?

    • Trust me when I say this, as a guy, the only reason a guy would invite a girl to sleep over is becuase he wanted to have sex.

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  • Ok sweetie i first I know the situation you are in, a girl did the same thing to me. Now if you want this to continue, with all the cheating scandal, lies and deceit while holding onto the notion that he may still love you while he is emotionally doing every other girl around. To me the answer is clear run and run fast, someone like that doesn't deserve you nor the love you offer, I wish you the best and my heart goes out to you.

    • This honestly made me cry. Thank you so much

    • I think you also shouldn't text the girl some answers are better left dead, only do it if you plan to stay which at this point in my book is a terrible idea

  • You obviously don't trust this guy, and he dumped you once already. Don't waste any more of your time on him.


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