Guys that are relatively confident, what is it like when you are interested/seeing/dating a woman who is as 'confident'?

Now I know there is a lot of sugar coating surrounded by being confident. I mean genuinely content with one self, can look others in the eye, is friendly, can speak her mind, mature, just generally confident. Do you like it or prefer someone who is completely opposite to you?


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  • It's absolutely amazing because you don't have to deal with any insecurity bullshit and just build on doing awesome things together.

    Once you've been there, nothing else compares.

  • I think it is a really Plus Point to have a Confident Girl!!!
    I would def prefer a Confident Girl.

    There are many great things about a confident girl.
    If she can speak her mind , that means she is great in communicating. And thats good for any relationship.

    Friendly!!! Who doesn't like a Friendly girl.
    Yeah but if the guy is really possessive then he might not like it ( i dnt mind it , i think boys-girls can b frnds)

    Someone opposite like me. Would bring Fun , flavor in my life Def!!!
    I will love someone having different interests , so i also could experience it or just get to know about other aspects of life from her.

    So Yes , a relatively confident guy would surely like a Confident Girl for sure.


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