Why are white girls called racist for wanting to only date white guys?

I hear it so many times at school and elsewhere. If a White girl only dates White guys, she's a racist. Why?


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  • I know right? We can't really control who we're attracted to. It's not like we're being intentionally racist

    • I tend to get it too. I am a White guy who finds White girls to be the most beautiful on the planet, and I'd only date them specifically but somehow I am evil? Odd world we live in.

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  • They expect white girls to be culturally and racially flexible. It's the new social trend to be right now. Date out of your race... if not, it's seen as outofdate and behind times or not catching up with the 'jonesies'

    • You are correct. I see so many non-white guys (black guys especially) using the racist card to guilt trip White girls into dating them.

    • Ohh primitive... all this finger pointing and jealousy business... lol. Those clowns...

  • That's because of the big witch hunt on racism nowadays in especially America and the biggest scapegoats for that are white people, because of the colonial time.

  • I'm white I prefer whites don't like it don't care it's my choice and I have to spend my life with them not you

  • I guess it would depend on what their reasoning is. If it's just their preference, it's not racist.

  • I don't want to date white guys

    • Oh thanks, xD

    • It's a preference and there's nothing I can do about it. I can't force myself to date someone I don't find attractive

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  • Because people have learned that they can play the "race card" to get what they want. I, personally, don't like redheads. I never have. I don't like the look. That doesn't make me bigoted against redheads, it's just a preference.

    I don't like the way most black women look either. Halle Berry is sexy though. It is just a preference. That being said, I wouldn't voice that preference because I KNOW people would claim racism, which it isn't.

    Just keep it to yourself, but it is NOT racism.

    You know, I have a lot of friends in the Philippines. They really find White European and American men attractive. It isn't racism that they find Philippine men less attractive, let's face it they are Philippine... It is that they like taller men, they like out noses, they like our light skin. It is a preference.

    So I would ignore the "racism" talk. It is ignorance at best and "baiting" at worst. Like who you like and keep your opinions inside. People, in this day and age use racism talk as a weapon. It is reverse racism (we use that term but it is just black on white racism) at its most insidious.

  • Because everything is racist now. In fact, anything you do today is now some kind of -ism.

    We can't help who we're attracted to, and claiming that just because you aren't attracted to a particular race makes you a bigot is like saying that just because I don't like Greek food means I hate Greece.

  • Society expects white people to date outside race and using "history" as an excuse. It's very stupid. The same goes for white guys like me who don't find non-white girls attractive.

  • Personal choice and biological facts are never racist. For example, I'm a heterosexual man. Does that make me a homophobe? The logic is exactly the same.

  • They can date who ever the fuck they want.
    I don't want to date a person whose preference is not even close to who I am.

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