She doesn't sound materialistic to me, do you think?

I've become recently quite well of, and the girls I've dated have used me for my money. I've recently met this girl who I noticed had on expensive clothing when I took her out, but she was talking about she likes to eat at the cheap places (we were talking about how expensive fine dining is overated) super happy sort of girl, she catches the public transport. She was very appreciative of me dropping her home etc. She actually came over to my house and I could tell she wasn't too phased by it-most girls keep talking about it, want to take photos etc. She didn't bring up money once. She comes from a well to do (well of) family so I think it's nothing new to her.


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  • It's because you have less chance on materialism with rich girls than with poor. You see, money was never really a problem for rich girls so they also don't really desire it. Also, they're rich because their parents (or she) were successful in a way and to be successful, you have to be smart. I believe smart girls are also less materialistic. So I think you've found the right girl. Have fun!


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  • That's usually why richer people with a good consciousness of who they are date each other. Easier. Better chance of connecting on a human level, too. Don't sweat it and just ask her, nicely, for a peek into her soul. Cheers!

  • You never can tell, she could just be pretending. If I was you I'd try to hide my wealth from women for as long as posible, until they are more trustworthy

    • I know for sure that she lives in an expensive home and I know for sure she doesn't have a car and is happy catching public transport.

  • Every girl is materialistic but she seems less of one so yea just keep on


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