What does it mean when ur boyfriend has not msged u for the past two days but u see that?

He makes time for social media.. And you know that he makes time for other people... Bc on your dates at times you notice that... He msgs his friends... So with all that said.. Why hasn't he texted me? I know we have busy lives but just to say hey babe.. Hru.. Does not hurt... isn't this rude? ..


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  • Could it be that since he's meeting you and talking with you in person that he doesn't feel the need to message you? I don't have a girlfriend but if I were to have one I'd point out that I'm not that big a fan of texting since it's a waste of time.

    • I get that texting is not a biggie but just to keep in touch...

    • But you already are keeping in touch in person, are you not?

    • We met two weeks ago...

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  • Yes, it is rude. When you're officially with someone they are supposed to always be on your mind and you're supposed to text them and call them as much as possible.

    • Yeah its weird how guys think.. Ugh

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  • Your his girlfriend I bet he sees you more than his friends so he wants to catch up with his friends but if it goes on for a week or two that's rude

    • Yes i am... we met last week and texted last on Thursday bc of my initiative...

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    • Man I'm hungry now lol

    • Lol go eat a buffet

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