Based on my story, what are the chances she sees me as a potential?

She and I met online. She visited my profile first ane liked me at the time. I was so excited we were matched. In the beginning, she wanted to see how things are going and wanted to take it slowly. She said she is ultimately looking a date although she is in a relationship with her boyfriend. She told me she is about to break up soon and want me to stay around since we shared many common interests. I thought she was really into me at this point.

She texts me first most of the time, but sometimes I text her first. Our conv go for a really long time. Most of the stuffs we talk are what we like and little bid of sexual stuffs she wants to with cute Asian boys.

We did meet in rl and the 'meeting' went well and she wanted to see me again. We hung out at her place 5 days later. During that time, she was kinda close to me and touched my face very often. BUT I couldnt sense any kind of sexual intensity on her facial expression. I also saw her mom and sister. I mean it sounds great, but don't girls tend not to show their dates to their families in the very beginning? She also talks about how terrible her boyfriend time to time and how she wants to be with 'different boys'

Because she treated as if I was her one of her close friends, I didn't want to build false sense of hope, thus decided to text her good bye without any explanation.

She got so upset next day, and convinced me to stay as her friend, which I did. I met her today at a park and I explained the reason why I tried to leave her. She said because she is in a terrible relationship due to her falling in love too quickly in the beginning, she wanted to take more caution if she wants to date someone again. I did see she smiled more often than she did last time :/

I know she and I are friends for now. But once she dumps her boyfriend, do you guys think I have a chance?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ur in the friend-zone dude. The boyfriend also raises a red flag

    • Even if she talks only shits about her boyfriend and keeps reminding me she's going to break up soon? :/

    • thats a red flag. girls never actually break up

    • Just crossing my finger :/

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes. You do. Just wait till her boyfriend does something terrible again, like hitting her or cheating on her. Make sure to convince her to breakup with him if he does anything bad.

    • I dont think it wilk last longer than a week from now

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What Girls Said 1

  • Nah, you're deep in the friend-zone.

    • Why do you think so? ;_;

    • Because she is still with her boyfriend and she doesn't seem interested into starting something new with you.

What Guys Said 2

  • Friend zone... Move on.. Keep her as a friend tho.

    • Even when she constantly check my dating profile and text me first like everyday? :/

    • Yup, I check out profiles of hookups and exes all the time, I don't want to get back with anybody, Jim just curious.

    • "I'm just curious" i dont know why predictive text said Jim! Lol

  • Think of it this way, if she dumps her boyfriend and wants another relationship you'll be the first one she calls


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