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I am almost 18 now and about to date this girl I feel very strongly about. I might not tell her at all, I might tell her if our relationship becomes serious. I'm still intensely ashamed of my actions. The last girl I dated had a very physical and emotional relationship with me. We would touch each other and feel each other up (which, looking back, WAS EXTREMELY WRONG and INAPPROPRIATE) and occassionally I would sneak into her house afterschool and we would explore. It was a mix of curiousity and hormonal feelings. We never had intercourse of any kind, but we would touch, explore, and have oral with each other. It makes me aroused to think about but that makes me very ashamed. I have finally let go of the past and learned from my mistakes. I'll never do this again (before marriage).

My question is, is this something I should tell her at all? Is it something I should tell her later on? How would this make her feel about me? Would it change how she felt about me? Culturally, it is very bad to do what I did but at the same time I learned a lot from my mistakes, which is what makes me the great person I am now. While other guys around me push girls for early sex, like her old boyfriend did, I have satisfied my curiousity of the female body and learned that it is better to hold off on these things until the future.


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  • I can kind of relate, before my boyfriend met me he was really into partying and having sex. He got into a really really bad accident that left his extremely injured so he had to stop the partying. Him and I are really opened with each other about our past relationships because we feel that we could learn from expirences. Tell her when you do feel your relationship is becoming more stable, and you're more comfortable with each other. Also, let her know that, that was in the past and you're not as interested in those things anymore. Best of luck with everything!:)


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  • You did nothing wrong or inappropriate, you guys were in a serious relationship so being physical is normal

    • We were underage at the time, that's why I'm ashamed.

    • @asker well you didn't have sex underage so there is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • What you have done is perfectly normal for those your age to do so don't feel ashamed. Who told you what you did was wrong.
    You don't have to tell her.

  • No. Just let it go dude


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