How often do you text/chat/talk with a guy you have been on 2 dates with?

If you have been on 2 dates with a guy, and its gone great, how often would you text/chat with him? Everyday?

I have been on 2 dates with a guy, and we have been chatting a lot on facebook and sometimes gaming together. I just dont want to seem clingy, by writing to him, but am also afraid that he thinks i'm not that interested, by NOT writing.. its a thin line..


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  • Make a move... Obvious flirt and place the ball in his court... Based on his reaction, proceed.

  • Send him nudes, guys love nudes

    • It REALLY isn't that kind of immature relationship.

    • Ok it really depends on how much you connect and stuff. If you do its not weird to text every say

    • Okay, thank you. =)

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