Girls, what are some signs that a girl like you or is interested in you? How do I know I need purse her?

Please tell me some of body language that girls use if they like you? What does mean if you look at her and she licking her lips? I not experienced with some of basic and common signs and i think i be more brave if i was aware of some the signs ;)


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  • Depending on the eye contact, licking her lips could be anything. Could be she's attracted to you, but again, eye contact is your best bet. It's hard to generalize this, all women show their attraction differently. The only way to know for sure is to ask her out for dinner, coffee, drinks, whatever, and see how that goes. Worst case scenario is she says no, no harm done! For me, if I'm interested in a guy I will try to catch eye contact. Some women may randomly find a way to touch your arm while talking, or just obvious flirting (laughing, smiling, witty banter, etc.). Good luck!

    • Thanks for advice it really appreciated :)

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  • Well if she was looking at you and licking her lips chances are good that she wants you to fuck her.

    • Wow that very interesting and how do i know that she want approach her or get to approach me?

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    • Wow then really missed out on a lot of chances

    • Well now maybe you will feel more comfortable approching her

  • When she lick her lips she could be thinking about kissing. She could like you if she clings to you, laugh at things you do and flirt

  • She smiles at you


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