Opportunity or move on. What should I do?

I like a guy but he confused me with another girl or at least with her name.

It made me feel uncomfortable and didn't talk to him as we used to the last few days but he has been trying hard to avoid the topic but also trying to get my attention.

Today he has avoided to call me by my name and for no reason I got even more mad, so I have been bitchy with him but he has tried and tried a lot too, I know that. I know he don't like my attitude but still tries.

Should I forget the "mistake" or just move on?


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  • better avoid till he calms down i guess :-)


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes, but forget about it and move on. It was just a mistake.

  • They're probably just shy, or they don't like talking to people. That's just how they are.

    • Oops, wrong question. But, I would avoid him until he comes around.

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