Does he like me? I'm so confused. High school?

So he gave me clear signs he liked me, I was like 100% sure he liked me.
Then, I tried emailing him about a common interest we had.
"Person -
What kind of stuff do you do to run faster? I'm slow as molasses while you're fast as light.
- Me."
Thinking back, I probably shouldnt've added that last sentence, but it's my style to say that kind of stuff so maybe he wasn't used to it...
Then, when he didn't reply within a day, I replied again. Now normally, I see him hanging out around the area near my locker or in some location by me, but not today. And, later at practice, he seemed super quiet at practice. (we're on a track team together at school). In the past two days, he was exhibiting flirtatious behavior. After this day, he just dead stopped. He said hello to me in front of his friends, he complimented me in front of the entire team, he kept doing locker walk-by's, all that jazz. I also made it clear that I liked him back by being super shy when he talked to me. I was actually shy but I let it happen to show my feelings.
He didn't look at me once and he was super quiet the whole practice. Normally, he's energetic and social
"Person -
Never mind, someone else replied. Sorry to bother you. :)
- Me."
Next, the following day after this email, I saw him walk up and down the hallway by my locker area kind of just farting around apart from talking to a teacher whose class wasn't even on that level.
I'm not going to try and overanalyze, but, long story short, he talked to me for a few days, I email him, he becomes quiet. I email him to neutralize the first email, he shows up again.
For now, I'm kind of on pause. I think I creeped him out so I'm not looking at him either and am trying to physically avoid him, too.
What is going on? Please help, I don't know if I should be listening to break-up songs or cyberstalking my crush. (Just kidding, but seriously does he or does he not like me?)

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Turns out: Wait for it - HE LIKES SOMEONE ELSE.
Wotta player.


Most Helpful Guy

  • His behaviour changed around you so I guess he likes you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I am not sure if he likes you or not. Are you sure he is not dating anyone else?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He's just a friend, until he asks you out


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he's just as confused as you! Try talking to him.

    • YES! THIS! I cannot upvote this hard enough. Most guys I know aren't going to pick up that a girl acting shy around them is flirtation -no matter HOW obvious we think we're being.

    • haha yes :)

    • This. Is confusing. I tried talking to him during practice when his leg started hurting (he has a hip problem) and he was like "Keep goin'." After that, stuff didn't really happen, too.

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