How do I handle this situation before she leaves for the summer?

I really like this girl I go to college with. I'm fairly certain she knows I like her at least somewhat. I asked her out on a date a couple of weeks ago. She was really excited about it, telling all of her friends, even those who go to other schools or are studying abroad. We went to dinner and a movie that weekend. We are both kind of shy people, so we didn't kiss or get touchy-feely at all. But we both had a great time.

Now it's finals week. I asked her to hang out this past weekend. She said yes, but it didn't happen for an unexpected turn of events not related to this situation. Long story short, she's going to be going home for the summer pretty soon. I plan to ask her out one more time before then. So, assuming she says yes, that's two official dates and a bunch of other hang outs with our friends.

I really want to tell her how I feel before she leaves for the summer. My fear is that if there is a spark between us, it will die over the summer. I won't be able to visit her, so I won't see her again until late August. Do I tell her how I feel? I'm not saying I would ask her to be my girlfriend. I would just tell her that I really like her and that I was just curious where she stood before the summer break. I understand if she wants to wait until the fall before anything official happens. But I just want to make sure we're on the same page right now.

Thoughts? Thanks!


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  • tell her how you feel!


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