Girls, gig (concert) for first date/hangout?

Hi Girls. I met a really nice girl (college) last week and we talked about hanging out. Would you enjoy going to a concert like (The Eagles) for first hang out? I know they could be consider kind of old and their music is not for everyone. I am not really a huge fan myself, I am just a believer that is always good to try and experiment new things and tastes. Plus you can always say that you went and have an opinion of the gig! In addition to the fact that you can experiment the concert with the other person.

With this in mind, I also do not want to make it weird for her nor anything.

Thanks, let me know what you all think!


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  • IMHO, I think concert is not for the first date. Why?
    1. Not everyone ready for 'force majeure' in a concert e. g: accidentally separated in a crowd
    2. are you or is she ready for seeing each other's wet armpit? Lol
    3. On the first date, you both have to talk more to decide whether or not you get another date after that one.
    4. The best thing about concert is people sing along to the song. But here, you said this band music is not for everyone

    But if you have already got the ticket, don't waste them. Instead, please try harder to make it memorable and lovely :)


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  • I wouldn't just because I want to get to know someone on a first date, and I dont think you could do that at a concert, but thats just me. Maybe if you grab a bite to eat before or after and talk then then it would be better :)
    Concerts are intimate too though so... haha

  • It's a cool idea BUT the idea of a first date if to know eachother and the focus won't be on eachother if you go see a concert & you won't be able to talk much.

  • I think it would be nice!

  • The guy who takes me to a concert for a date especially first date has big chances to be my future husband.


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