Feelings for my guy friend?

So I have this guy friend... he liked me like three years ago when we weren't that good of friends. Then he got a girlfriend and stopped liking me. Then last year he admitted he liked me... and I admitted I liked him... but decided not to date because of a complicated friend situation. He then ended up dating a girl that I'm friends with. They broke up like a month ago... and he told me he still has feelings for me. we kind of drifted when they were dating and he told me that he "didn't talk to me as much because he was trying to put aside his feelings for me." But now we are hanging out again and are closer than ever and I think that I'm developing those feelings too. Now whenever I'm around him I can just feel the sexual tension (not planning on doing anything sexual, but it's there). He told me he wants to kiss me. I almost want to let him. If my friends found out though, I'd probably be in a huge predicament. We are both going to college in the fall, should I just do it? I don't want to make our friendship weird, but I feel like we have this strange connection... for the past few years we just keep coming back to each other


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  • Go for it! If you really feel a connection.


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