Long distance relationships?

I met a guy who is from a different state than me. He comes to my hometown about three or four times a year for work. He says he would love to eventually live here but he has two young children so it's not that simple for him right now. We have been talking about potentially dating, etc but I'm thinking "realistically", how would this even work? Have any of you had a successful long distance relationship?


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  • if both of you considered marriage or want to move in together in your future plan, yes it will work. it should be a plan, to adapt the situation. Your situation is almost similar with mine, wish you all the best ;)

    • Well at this point marriage has never been brought up. Lol we're still considering how this would work and the logistics of everything. I've never been in a long distance relationship to even know how that would work. 😐

    • this is my first time in LDR too.. huhu. the difference is, my boyfriend have brought up the topic quite early when we're dating. I think you really need to discuss with him about the possibility, if it's worth it, you loves him, yeah, why not?

    • Thanks.

  • Probably won't work.


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