Still get butterflies around a crush from 3 years ago but not around other guys?

It's weird. I will meet guys all the time, hot ones attractive ones you name it... but I feel nothing for them like nothing. Sure they can make me laugh but at the end of the day none of them stay in my head and yet a guy I haven't talked to in 3 years still manages to make me a nervous wreck and he stays on my mind. Whyy?


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  • What do you mean? I don't really get the question.

    • I had a crush on this guy 3 years ago and I am over him but every time I see him I still get nervous and get butterflies in my stomach. This doesn't happen with any other guy I meet whether they are attractive or not.

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  • He's really special to you.
    That happens to me with my ex for some reason. even if there's nothing between us.

    • I just hope someday I will find another guy to make me feel this way. 3 years is a long time everytime i see him it's the same..

    • Its been five years with my ex and I still get that even if I have no feelings for him it only happens with him for some apparent reason and you will :)

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  • He must be one hell of a guy!

    • what should I do? it's weird.

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