Why are my exes suddenly trying to enter my life again?

Okay, recently, I got a boyfriend. But two of my exes, always seem to try to pry into things when I enter a relationship. The first ex boyfriend, texts me often and just tries to talk to me. The second ex boyfriend, approaches me and flirts a lot. He's sorta touchy around me, even if he is in a relationship himself.
I just don't get it. Why do they try to enter my life again when I enter a relationship?


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  • People want what they can't have, just tell them to do one, it will only make things complicated in ur new relationship if you kept in contact


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  • Why do you allow htme to affect you when you're really trying to start a new? Cut them out of your life!

    • I try to, it just bothers me a lot. I really like my current boyfriend, so i ignore their attempts to hit on me

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  • Just tell 1 not to text you again and 2 to. keep his hands off you. Simple as that. Don't just ignore, tell them what you want.
    Guys can sometimes be a little greedy and want everything.


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