Single people post a video or describe your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend?

This girl is my perfect girlfriend she is blonde, has a nice body and her personality is excatly what I like to.

How about you?

Please don't judge me we all like different things.


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  • Someone who's exactly like my dad. Hard working, loyal, funny, have a great social skills, amazing provider, family man. I don't really pay attention to the physical aspects, is he's hot now doesn't mean he'll still be hot in 30 years. as long as he's not too ugly I'm good.

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    • @Touglyforfemales well it has been proven that men and women seek out spouses who are similar to their parents for women they usually want or are drawn to men that are like their fathers and for men they want or are drawn to women that are like or remind them of their mothers, it quite natural and most of the time it's subconscious, half the time we don't even realize we are doing it.

    • The fuck man? You're sick.

  • A guy like this would be my perfect boyfriend.

  • ... I like butts.


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  • Well.
    I think there is a lady on GaG who sounds almost like the ideal my brain and heart designed. Now only if she plays electric guitar and lifts.

    I'll learn the bass for her lol

  • A tall well-built woman with good
    reputation, who can cook frog
    legs, who appreciates a good fuc-
    schia garden, classic music and tal-
    king without getting too serious.
    But please only read lines 1,3, and 5.

  • Old fashioned and would make a good wife and mother.

  • i don't care what she looks like anymore, I'll always be ugly to her anyways.

  • Id like a girl who has the personality/humor of Sarah Silverman has a petite body and has short hair

  • A woman who is all natural. Someone who doesn't look like all of the botox filled, sugically enhanced, high class escorts on instagram. Someone who isn't looking for a come up or someone who doesn't suffer from parental abuse. A person who values personality over looks, a woman of character. A person who is a "lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed". A person who is adventurous, a person who doesn't judge by color or ethnicity but views people of all kinds as humans. Someone who is sarcastic, humorful, fantastic to be around, someone who is a match for my zodiac sign, Aquarius. A woman who has a similar shape to elastigirl from the incredibles, or the fit thick shape (works out, medium sized breasts, thick thighs, phat ass, toned legs, and an above average face).

  • Claire Underwood.


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