Why do people tell me I haven't met the right women?

I dont believe when people have told me that I was told when i was 18 and now, its not like a women will drop out of the sky or anything for all i know i could be in my late 20s or something.


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  • Finding the right person, I think, has a bit to do with luck. It involves:

    1. Finding someone that you like.
    2. Having that person like you back.
    3. Both people being single and interested in a relationship at the same time.
    4. Initiating a relationship.
    5. Maintaining that relationship. (Even if you get into a relationship, that doesn't mean that you'll ultimately be compatible, nor does it mean that nothing will happen that will make one or both of you change your mind about being in a relationship with each other).

    And how easy it is for those things to happen depends on the person. For example, some people are more attractive to more people than others, which means it's more likely that they'll like someone who likes them back. Some people have higher standards than others, which makes it less likely that they'll find someone they like that likes them back. Etc.

    No, women don't drop out of the sky, but throughout our lives, we constantly come into contact with different people (some more so than others, someone who stays home by themselves all the time meets less people than someone who is very active socially). You're not going to be compatible with everyone you meet, but you may meet someone you are compatible with along the way.


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  • Technically they are correct but failed to stipulate that the numbers of these women might be very few in your case if you're struggling.


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