What is going on?

This guy i used to 'see', well let me explain first... he stopped texting me 6 months ago after he said he didn't wanted me and called me ''buddy'', that was after i said even if he was the last/richest man on earth, i still wouldn't want him. He never texted me again. I texted him again ''it was an advertising text'' i send it to everyone and he responded with no! i said yes... he said... need attention? i told him... who is this>? i really didn't know, he told me he wasn't buying it and i should try harder, i told him i dont have time for this and said bye, he said goodbyeeeee and later on he had his name in his status as if he wants me to know who he is... i also texte dhim... with you are mean, and a few days later he had a photo of a puppy on his profile photo... he never texted me back tho... is he seeking attention>?


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  • Really?
    Your both crazy


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  • He is not interested.


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