Visiting a potential boyfriend in neighbouring country?

So here it goes, we both swiped right on Tinder and met while he came to my city for his own work visa purposes. We went out for dinner and drinks. We could've hooked up that night but didn't.

After that he went back to the neighbouring country for work. We have kept in touch and he has invited me over for a visit.

Should I go? I like him and I don't wanna be potrayed as being "easy". FYI I have booked my own accommodation so we're probably just hanging out in his city.


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  • How would you be easy by visiting him?

    • Not sure, apparently there are people who think so :/

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    • Ah maybe that! But no, I'd still book my own accommodation and only meet him for a meal or two :) Thanks for sharing though

    • You're welcome. I think you'll be okay then : )

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  • If you want the sex, why would you care what people think about it? No one will know if you two get together unless you want to tell us a juicy story about you got laid by a Spanish guy from Philippines.

  • As long as you don't sleep with him, you won't be portrayed as being easy.

    • Hate to say this, he's pretty attractive I know it will be hard to resist. But I've booked my own accommodation just to lower the chances :)

    • lol that or just don't worry less about what others might think of you.

    • my only concern is if i ever get outta control :/

  • by the way tinder work here too?


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