Girls, Why is it so scary & hard to talk to beautiful/cute girls/women?

My reason for asking this question is because i want to know how things always come to this? Because, for many reasons i always act like my normal & outgoing self when it comes to playing video games, & other things that many guys like me do everyday. But, when it comes to actually talking to really beautiful & attractive females I start to have a ominous & strange feeling inside of myself that I somehow sweat & my heart beats really fast. I don't really know how this happens but I just wish that I don't have this type of fear inside of me every single time a hot chick comes around. So, ladies how can I be an alpha male in order for me to impress the other ladies without running away from them?


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  • Sounds like it brings on a panic attack. You sure you don't have social anxiety disorder?

    • Nope, no disorders on me. The only thing that I'm worried about is me not having the courage to speak with the ladies & try to impress them like every other shy guy. Other than that, I'm 100% anxiety disorder free.

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    • Thank you for MHO hun😊

    • You're very welcome partner.

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  • it's totally normal! i get hot and nervous when talking to an attractive guy. but breath and remember that she's human. there's no need to be overly nervous!

    • Thanks for your opinion. The reason I act so nervous around beautiful females because I really don't know what to say to them & their attractiveness has some sort of charm that has many guys feel really nervous around them. I've experienced this many years ago & I still remember those moments.

  • you need to be confident within yourself for that fear to go away. i think you're problem is that you are trying to be a alpha male. for me, personally, i would much rather prefer a guy to be himself when coming up to me instead of pretending to be someone you're not. besides, if you get nervous while you are talking to her, just admit it to her that you are nervous are around her, because she might think it's cute, she may like that soft side to a guy

    just remember that she's a human too! there's no need to be nervous :)

    • Thanks for those kind words. Because I've always been on the shy and nervous side when it came to talking to girls years ago. But now, I'm starting to feel much better now.

  • You just have too see them as normal people

    • I would try my very best to do that. I want to admit that I'm not like most alpha males with all of that confidence that they have so it could take a long while before i have confidence & bravery to talk to hot women.

    • Just keep practicing (:

    • Thanks partner.