What should I do about this guy?

We're sort of seeing each other. Like more than friends but I'm not sure if we're dating.
We talked yesterday and are planning to see each other one day this week and he seemed at the time like he was looking forward to it.
he's one of those people who aren't attached to their phones. Good for him, but when I don't see him we don't talk much which bothers me because sometimes it's over w week with only very short small talk conversations.
Plus tonight I messaged him and he didn't reply. Mind you it wasn't important. But it's a bit upsetting and I want him to make an effort talk to me more.
We did used to talk more a couple of months ago when we first started talking.
he's sweet when we're together, and I don't want to seem needy but should I say something to him? If so what?
Not sure if I'm overthinking it but I like most girls like getting good morning and how was your day messages


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  • better text him ONCE... and see wot it'll happen... though i'm afraid he lost interest :-/

    • I'm seeing him in 2 days lol, it's almost always been like this- I think he isn't in to me anymore but I see him and realise my impression is wrong
      Like last time I saw him I considered just being friends and I ended up meeting his parents
      Maybe I should say something? I don't know how to word what I want without sounding clingy or weird

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    • He replied and said I think I'm busy anyway, I miss you though :(
      What should I say back?

    • "i miss u as well :) "

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  • Girl my man was the same way! Lol. Barley ever txted anyone. 2 months later I had him saying good morning and how's Ur day? And what you doing? At night he ask me what did you do today? Also he says nite to me. We have been together for 4 months now. Not a day goes by that he won't text me. 😊 even apologizes for the smallest things. Wow right. Know what I did? I was doing all the txting at first. I started it all. If Ur guy has text. Those small gestures won't kill him. Here's a trick ask him other questions or comments on things. Not fashion or stuff like that. Things he's interested in. I did that now mine wants to get married. Try it. Just don't push to much. Have fun. Once you know what he likes, you can get him where my man is. Have fun

    • Damn I wish you commented earlier lol
      I messaged him and said I'm thinking we shouldn't do Wednesday? Have a nice night x
      He just replied and said ok I think I'm busy anyway, goodnight x I kind of miss you though :(

      Not sure why he wouldn't be friendlier if he missed me
      But what should I reply?

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    • Lol yeah I figured he wasn't busy
      I want to see him still but I don't know how to go about it given what I said
      I wasn't sure what to reply so I just said aw x
      What would you reply? You seem much more natural at this then me lol

    • Hey I was thinking do you still want to meet this week? My schedule is free ( ). Thought coffee or a dinner might be nice. Let me know.

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  • Who wants something, fights for it. He doesn't really care much for you, if not because of you he should at leat reply your message, 5 minutes won't kill him. You deserve someone better.

    • That's true.
      I don't know whether to cancel seeing him
      Or say something when I do see him. Like when he makes a move bringing up how he doesn't make an effort to talk to me
      Uh I don't know

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    • Yeah, go on. YOLO girl YOLO :D

    • Okay he replied and said
      Ok I think I'm busy anyway. I miss you though :( goodnight

      Now I'm confused, what should I reply?

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