Why would he like me?


OK, so I sit next to a guy in my math class. I always thought he was just being nice when he would pick up a pencil or whatever I dropped.

But a few days ago, I was flinging around my bracelet, and it landed on my chair. He tried to reach for it, but then, he seemed like he wanted to get it from the chair or grab my ass, but as soon as I moved my hand to get it myself, he quickly drew back his hand. After this, I've been thinking he likes me. He jokes around with me a lot, even though we aren't really good friends, etc. And as I said before, he ALWAYS picks up things I drop. Then again, I do the same with him.

Sorry, I sound like such an idiot :P

*But for guys, if you liked a girl, would you try that?*

by the way, I'm under 16.

Also, then I started thinking, why would he like me?

He's about a foot taller, a year older, (which is a lot, because of maturity, etc) and he could do better than me =\

Again, sorry. This is long, but I just wanted to know if you'd try that, or if it sounds like he does like me. Gahhhh I sound like such an idiot.! ><

thank you!

for some reason, my computer won't let me comment D: To countdove; I know I am...and I know they are too :Pi just unfortunately have pretty bad confidence, and I know this sounds awful, but I guess it gives me a little ego trip.It bumps up my confidence...
...and either way, I wouldn't make it something too serious. I can't think of the words I need to explain my little situation with . :P

but thank you! :D
gahh I hate my computer ><

and thank you(:

luckily, my mom taught me at a young age that most guys are scum bags :P

so again , for maybe the...80th time? thanks ! :)


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  • You're too young to be getting involved, not that it's a bad thing. It is primarily that boys your age are (generally) too young to have a stable and constructive relationship of the romantic nature. It's ultimately your decision, but I would highly recommend at least getting to know the fellow first. Most men in our generation aren't very mature, responsible, accountable, or emotionally stable. It is easy to get infatuated with the guy if he's cute and friendly towards you, but it is best to see the worst side of a person BEFORE you become tragically attached/co-dependent.

    I would think that if he gives you the time of day, he's most likely interested in you. Of course, if you aren't very well acquainted...he can only be attracted to you for your appearance and MAYBE your reputation (if you have a strong and known reputation, of course I am suggesting a good one). I would suggest that you try to become closer friends if you have an initial interest in him, and time will tell if he is even someone you actually want. Don't get attached too quickly, and maintain your independence until a man has shown that he is trustworthy of having your heart.

    -Count D.

    • No, I understand that it's a kiddy crush. There's nothing wrong with it, but girls your age (generally) get very attached, very quickly because of that lack of self-confidence. It just compounds with the fact that people are looking for meaning in their lives...and will look anywhere to find some illusion of it. Frankly, most men are scumbags...no matter how nice they may seem on the outside. They will always attack your weak points to get what they want, and if you don't exert a defense...

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