My date cancelled, we opted for a Skype date?

Hello, I had a first date planned with someone today where we were going to the park and dinner. She cancelled on me today via text explaining how she is having an allergic reaction. I can believe this as she mentioned how she is allegic to many things.
We ended up agreeing to a "Skype Date" as she puts it. Is this a good or bad thing? I would have much rather seen her in person but this is a decent alternative I suppose?
A little unorthadox maybe?


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  • Nothing wrong with it except it's not as personal. I would call red flag if she keeps avoid a meeting face to face.


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  • it isn't good. Never agree to stupidity like that.

    Maybe she really has allergies, even so, agreeing to a Skype date just makes you seem low value, and it gives her the ability to reject you without ever meeting in the flesh. You are accepting the worst end of the stick on everything.

    Tell her to reschedule an in person date, and if she doesn't agree, delete her contact information and find someone else to try to date.


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  • It's unorthodox but the fact that she still went through with it means she wanted to be with you. Most people would have just been done with the whole thing.
    As long as you guys had fun and bonded, that's all that matters.

  • At least she counteroffer, that mean she is interested in going on a date with you.

    It alright, just have fun with the Skype date and schedule another in-person date next week. No need to rush.


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