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Hello, a couple of days ago my boyfriend and Were causally talking when I tell him " hey this is kind of weird to say but last time you were there ( at my house) my mum said I looked like I was desperate for his attention and that He didn't give me any attention, then we leave this and talk further in general about family how I sometimes fight with my mother and that he thought it was weird that I didn't want to join them for when they went for a day trip because I wanted to hang with my friends and my boyfriend. Then I say even though my mom and I fight sometimes she knows that I love her and she's not the type of mom who needs like roses, kisses and cards to know that I love her. Then he was like well back to the attention thing, the mother thing are the same and it makes sense. Then I say what cause I'm really not getting it. And he's like well you said I don't give you attention its the same thing with. You and your mother. Sorry guys if this is really confusing cause I'm confused myself if what he is trying to tell me? What does he mean by its the same? Very happy for your opinions please :)


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  • I am very confused. Is there a way to rephrase this?

    • im very confused to... I stared to talk about how even though I though I don't show my mum love that often and I said I still love her maybe he was referring to when I said " you didn't pay attention to me" maybe he was trying to say that even though I don't show it so much you know that I love you ( well he hasn't said that yet... ) but im so confused...

    • * I mean even though he doesn't show it so much

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