How do I approach my crush I haven't spoken to in a year?

I have had a crush on this guy for three years. We have been on a few dates together between 2012 and 2013, we made out, but I never had sex with him. I'm 24 he's 28. I haven't spoken to him since end of 2013. He added me on facebook end of 2014. It has been 5 months and he hasn't said anything yet.

I made up my mind to message him to ask him how he is. And perhaps try to meet up with him. But I don't know what to say? I don't want to start of with the cliche "Hey how are you", cause I find that weird thing to say after not speaking for so long.

Please I need help! What do I say in my message to him?

(oh and by the way, he is still single, and me too)


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  • "hey how are you" would work fine if all else fails. But if there ever was an inside joke between you two you could mention that.


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  • just go up to him and say hello.

    • I forgot to add that he lives 1 hour away and that we don't see each other in person.

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  • You saw or heard xxxxxx and it reminded me of you.


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