Do you think he's still interested?

I'm a bullet point kind of person so here we go...

*I met a guy on OKC ABOUT A WEEK AGO!!! (lol sorry!)
*So far we've been on 2 dates
*Second date ended up being a sleepover.
*We have an equal amount of initiated texting.
*When we were talking the last time we saw each other he started a few of his sentences with "if we're going to do it". One text conv he said , "I have lots to teach you". I wonder if this kinda shows that he plans to be around?
*I asked him if he wanted to hang out at my house this Sunday he said he would see if he could but he never got back to me that day. But when I texted him today he did get back to me. He hasn't asked me out yet.
*over the course of the week I see that he still checks his online account. Which is fine, I have been checking mine.

I've been in dating situations with a lot of jerks recently and it's made me question every move I make. Sorry if you think this post is stupid (as it most likely is) but sometime I need reassurance and I don't want ask him a bunch of stupid questions and have him think I'm clingy/crazy.



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  • I think he's still interested


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