I can't figure this guy out that I really like, is he shy or just not intrested?

I am 21 and I have beem single for a year but still in love with my ex and I had a hard time getting over him.. so I started a job in a nightclub and I met this guy and we started talking on facebook I can't even remember who talked to who first I have known of him for about September time. Im really attracted to him and I can remember him texting me and saying I should come round his one day but it never ended up happening because I was just thinking about my ex too much and didn't ask him if he was still wanting to see me Since then I have wasted time on my ex and didn't really speak to him but we see each other every weekend when we go out clubbing and I go uo to speak to him and he always smiles and talks to me and he will pop up on fb and ask if had a good night and sonetine will pop up to him and some days we won't talk lol , im confusdd because he's really blunt in the texts hd doesn't really say much so im like dies he like me or not abd hd never flirts and tells me look nice or something. Im really startying to get feelings for him and im worried jncase nothing will happen cause im waiting so long :/ what do do


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  • " im confusdd because he's really blunt in the texts"<----- this is a sign og a guy dat he's not interested actually... so...

    a shy guy i guess would b more comf in texts :-)


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  • i think he's just shy.


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