I haven't talk to him, what now?

I have been talking to this guy for two months and everything seem find until like recently, because he has become distant like we haven't hung out latley. Last Thursday I confronted him we talked on the phone and I told him about how I was feeling about everything and he told me that he has been busy because he is taking summer classes and also busy with his son. I asked if he wants to continue things and he told he wanted to and that he still likes me. But the thing is I haven't heard from him since the Thursday we talked and I know he has his son from Thursday through Sunday but I thought maybe he would of text me, the reason why I haven't text or call because I believe he needs to contact right. I'm just feeling overwhelmed since he hasn't text and I don't know what do to, he hasn't been on Facebook in two days either so I'm just stuck I just want him to contact me but I just need advice thats all. If it matters he is 33 and I'm 24.
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  • If he doesn't contact you soon move on. There will be somebody that is more available and willing to be your mate.


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  • Just wait for him to contact you!


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  • I don't understand why you can't contact him

  • maybe try textin him? he might see it now :-)


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