Help me (time sensitive)?

I propositioned a woman with the intention of just sex but she seems to want to date. I can't date her because she has kids and I don't want kids ever. I'd like to preserve the possibility of sex if possible but I want to be polite first and foremost. I'm not against doing stuff with her from time to time but I want her to know I'm not looking for a relationship here.

I've tried to ask this (below) question before but nobody was helping and it's time sensitive so I'm asking again.


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  • Okay, first off, did you explain to this girl in the beginning that you didn't want her for anything other than sex?

    • I thought it was obvious but its the first time I've done anything like this I was trying to be kinda subtle but still get the message across. I told her that my parents were out of town for a few days and she should come over. She said yes but wasn't able to make it so I suggested that the next time she has the house to herself she should invite me over and she said that we should meet up somewhere to eat and play some pool.

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    • I'm texting her now but out of curiosity why would that make you freak out? Kids are a very, very big deal. Shouldn't it be somewhat understandable of a reason?

    • Whew. Everything worked out. She's fine with it being casual. Thank you so much.

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  • Can't have your cake and eat it too. Just break things off with her.

    • That's a quitters attitude. Quitters never win.

    • It's official that I'll be having my cake and eating it too.

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  • STOP! Really a girl with kids is looking for a man to be there for her, not just a fuck buddy. If your not going to be there to support her through her needs then don't be around at all. She seems like she's looking for a relationship and if your not willing to step up and be a man to take it then just go. No girl deserves to just be a fuck buddy, she deserves a real man that's going to be there for her.

    • Oh save me the lecture on maturity. I'm not trying to trick her into fucking me. I happen to know that she's into partying still and I figured she'd be down for it. I'm not anti-responsibility and I'm certainly not afraid of children I just dislike kids.

    • by the way I just texted her telling her I was looking for something casual and she's completely okay with that.

    • wow.. that's new. Then what do you have to lose go for it man.

  • If she wants a relation ship she doesn't wanna hang out time to time she wanfs a relationship... Just bc she had kids doesn't mean she's easy.

    • She's somewhat into partying and I knew she was into me so I figured she might be down for it.

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    • She didn't say that she wanted a relationship she seemingly implied it but I texted her and I was perceiving things wrong we're both on the same page.

    • Thanks for answering though.

  • Be blunt with her and tell her what you just said here. That you don't want kids or to date. That you just want to have sex and that's it.

    • Thank you for answering, everything worked out.

  • just dont lead her on.

    • I don't want to, I want to let her know politely that I want something casual and that it's just that I'm not ready for kids and that I hope there's no hard feelings if that's not acceptable to her. How do I communicate that?

    • Question resolved

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  • On an unrelated note, you sound like someone from the 19th century...

    • Sorry, didn't mean to confuse you with all those big words.

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    • Omg I am sooo relieved I was really worried she'd like hate me.

    • That is awesome to hear! I hope you have fun! :)

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