When should I ask her to be my girlfriend?

We have been talking for weeks. We hang out a lot. She told me in the beggining that she likes to take things really slow, and we have been. Think I should wait a week or two? Or talk to her soon? I almost feel like it should be a conversation instead of a big romantic gesture, cause it kind of feels like we are dating without really defining what we are yet..


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  • Have you gone a couple of actual dates? Ask her out on an actual date, and then repeat a few times. Kiss her and have romantic moments before you ask her to be your girlfriend. You can always ask her if she would like to date exclusively before you have to ask her if she would like to be in a relationship. Make it gradual. Don't rush it.

    • Yeah, that sounds good. It's been real casual up to this point like homework and dinner in the union. Nothing fancy yet. Maybe Ill take her out this weekend.

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  • only weeks? better w8 about 2-3 months bro better... at least 8)

    • well, we have been talking for weeks already. I don't know what kind of time limit to put on this to see if she is even ready to commit.

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