Should I still be friends with him and hang out?

I guy that I have been seeing recently told me that he does not want to have sex with me anymore because it is irresponsible and he does not want a relationship. He said he was looking out for both of our emotions. We dated each other a couple months ago and we just recently starting talking to each other. The attraction is fierce and I love talking to him and it is not all about sex for just happens along the way. I was not pressuring him to commit to a relationship with me at all. Just out of the blue he said these things "after the fact"..He told me that I was the best he just needs to be responsible. I did not know what that meant at all because I thought that he wanted to make something out of our relationship. I just want to know should I still hang around him..every time that we try to put boundaries on this relationship we always cross the line..and we always act like we are together and than we have the same boring conversation..trying to come up with ways why we should not be together...honestly I do like him a whole lot but I'm scared to be tied down to anyone right now I have not had a real relationship in so the same time I'm tired of being the girl warming up the bed until the "real girl" gets there. I don't understand why he can't just let it flow. I'm young of course and he is about six years my senior. If he has so much fun with me than why is it like this?


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  • Being a guy, I know how it is to give bullsh*t reasons for getting out of something. The truth is, he's probably been trying to find a way to get out of that relationship for longer than you think. It sucks for you, I'm sure you're great, but there are several possibilities: 1. maybe he does want to be responsible (which I think is bullsh*t), 2. he's attracted to another girl, 3. he's tired. It sucks to be on the short end of the stick, but be comforted in this, he most likely didn't cheat on you, he's at least slightly manning up and telling you that it's over. I feel for you, I hope you pick up back the pieces and move on from this.


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