How likely is it that a nice guy who enjoys female company (as friends) will eventually get a girlfriend?

If he's never dated before.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Depends on if he's attractive and if he's a pushover.

  • It's about attitude and personality. If he's comfortable and pleasant to be around, it's pretty damn likely -bumps up to almost certain if he's willing to make the first move.

  • It depends on how is attitude is and I hate to say it but how he looks.

    • Good attitude and fugly?

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    • How?

    • Show that you are compatible, kind, understanding of feelings, and able to be a good listener then you will get to her heart ;)

What Guys Said 3

  • You can't friend your way into pussy.

    This applies to relationships as well. The girls vote yes because they value a friendship, but if you want something more, you'll need to act like you do.

    Which means not just being a friend, because if it's up to the girl, she may keep you there forever.

  • I think very likely.

  • Friends don't have sex. Sexy people have sex.

    If you are viewed as a friend... it is because you aren't viewed as sexy. Having a large number of female friends and spending a lot of time with them will be no different than not having any female friends at all--it will have no positive effect on your ability to get laid whatsoever.

    • So he's screwed

    • No, he simply needs to learn to put some effort into being sexy. There will be growing pains, but it's possible.

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