Getting over a crush? What's his deal?

Okay so i went on a couple of dates with this dude and I started actually liking him. And when I really like someone I can't think properly when I text or when we're hanging. I'm gonna admit I probably seemed a little crazy haha but I've held back.. I let my emotions get the best of me which is kind of bad.. He has a lot going in his life from what he says and I wasn't really sure if he was into so I began "friendzoning" him. I actually don't mind being friends with him.. I think he's a good person. He asked to hang out Saturday. I said yes but when that day came, he never messaged me or anything. Technically this is the second time this has happened. The other time he worked graveyard and went straight to Dealing with personal shit so when he passed out, he lost track of time. We ended up chilling the day after though.

Anyways I know Its hard when you guys don't even know the guy or the full story but I was pretty choked on Saturday. And I'm sure I have every right to be mad. I just don't understand how someone could just leave a person hanging and not even message them the next day. My guess he's just not into me anymore. It sucks but what can I do? He has a lot of female friends... And he's into bad, "bitchy" girls if that make sense. I made fun of him the first time we met and he found that attractive haha. I'm actually a really nice person after getting to know me. If he wants bitch, he's definitely going to get bitch now.

POINT IS-- I'm choked and this dude doesn't deserve my time of day. Should I just cold shoulder him? Also how do I move on from this guy. I guess I too am attracted to bad guys. Any comments will be great.
And the other thing is,

If you're not into the person then why make plans? We confirmed plans on Wednesday and we didn't really talk that much until Saturday. So I don't know what went wrong.


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What Guys Said 1

  • u said u are attracted to bad guys... yet he likes bitchy gals? weird isn't it? o_O

    • Very weird! It's even more weird that I come off as bitchy when I'm really not (I have resting bitch face and I'm nice after getting to know someone).. And this guy is bringing my inner bitchy out.

What Girls Said 1

  • Cold shoulder him!

    • Exactly what I'm going to do. No explanation then no fucks given. Excuse my French lol. I'm just still pissed off. What person would be happy to be in my situation? Haha. Who knows I might not ever see him again.

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