Jealous of my sister?

My twin sister is super gorgeous. This might sound weird but she's probably the prettiest girl I know. According to my friends she has a "amazing chest and backside." She's asked out all the time and guys follow her like a lost puppy.

Well, girls generally ignore me. I'm average height and maybe like 10 pounds overweight. I've asked out girls all the time but they always says no. I've been called ugly buy girls. I've heard girls like guys who are with a pretty girl so I had my sister come to the club with me... girls asked my sister if I was rich since why else would subs be with me.

I love my sister but now I'm jeous of her. She's beautiful with an amazing body while I'm ugly with an overweight body. I think I'm jealous of her because she can get any guy while I've never been on a date and girls reject me all the time. Should I tell her I'm jealous of her? We're both 20.


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  • Work out. You'll lose weight, which will improve your looks.

    Don't be jealous of your sister, that doesn't even make sense.

    • I know it doesn't make sense but I look at her wishing I was attractive to the opposite sex

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  • You're your own person and someone will love you for who you are not what you look like.


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  • You should be happy for her!


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