So I was talking to her and she just stopped?

We were having a kinda long one and later i was like whatsup she was like nah im just doing some stuff but didn't say you as like what am i doing , so i didn't reply , so i stopped the convo later on that night i was like my bad i didn't see the message and she didn't reply. Is there any way to fix this?


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  • She's probably sleep. Try again in a couple of days. Just say something like "hey stranger" how's it going? Something light and simple, if she doesn't reply then just leave her alone.

    • She is on tho
      i see her go on and off , lol why stranger? i know her in real life

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  • Just tell her goodnight.. She probably won't reply since you took forever to reply her text

  • talk to her about what happened and clear it up


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