How many dates do you go on generally before you find someone who's decent?

Usually i'll go on a couple dates and then the girl will flake out. Of course these are online dates where the girl has like 50 other options. It just would be nice to actually meet a nice one that I can share my life experiences with ya know? Being able to hang out and learn from one another and being able to tell her about your day. etc.


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  • I am an upfront serial dater.

    I date and have sex with men until "I" get bored or THEY become super suffocating, possessive and expectant.

    • How long does it take for that to happen?

    • Tbh, it varies and is always subjective.
      Sometimes just two dates.
      Other times months.

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  • way too many.

  • it's hard to say... sometimes 1 is enough


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